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Practical Part

The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding

Practical Part: INSTRUCTION

After studying the video lessons, you have received a certain set of knowledge. Now it’s necessary to put the received knowledge into practice. This practical part of the course will help you to do it.

Your GOALS for the practical part are:

  • To develop your deep understanding of a chess game.
  • To train (and automate) the correct way of thinking.

Most often you will need to think about a position and to find the right move. HOWEVER these are NOT the tactical tasks and your main goal is NOT just to guess the move somehow. Moreover, often there is no just one “right” or “wrong” move here.

Your goal is use your positional understanding, and to detect the best move based on this UNDERSTANDING.

While studying the answers I recommend that you go over the WHOLE presented game (not only the first move).

These games are very instructive. You should analyze them and understand how general ideas (from the video lessons) work in different practical positions. Try to understand the reason of every move (pay attention on the winner’s moves mostly).


  • The practical part contains 10 tasks (they are presented in separate folders). A separate instruction is applied for each task. You should carry out all the tasks consistently, following the corresponding instructions. Read the instruction from the e-book FIRST and then perform the task.
  • Remember that you should focus on the quality of your training, not on the quantity of the performed work.
  • Do not use the computer engines during a performing of the tasks (if it’s not specified in a certain task’s instruction). You should think by yourself to train your skills.
  • If something is not clear for you – learn once again a corresponding video lesson.

Now you should start performing the tasks, starting from the “Task 1”.