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Common players don’t know clearly what to do in the middlegame. In the opening stage, one needs to develop one’s pieces, but after that it’s much harder to find the right moves.

There are many tutorials that cover different strategic and tactical ideas, but there’s no a single and clear guide. This course is designed to provide you with such a guide ―a CLEAR PRACTICAL GUIDE to middlegame play!

This course is designed mainly for students at a 1500-2000 rating level. However, it will still be useful for higher rated students as well.

For students of a lower rating, I would advise to start with The Grandmaster’s Secrets or The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding course.

Here are some of the KEY CONCEPTS covered in this course

Many of your QUESTIONS about chess strategy will be ANSWERED

☑ What should I attack?
☑ What should be my target in the middlegame?
☑ What can I attack in my opponent’s territory?
☑ How to make my army stronger than my opponent’s?
☑ How to play against doubled pawns?
☑ How to play with or against isolated pawns?

You will have a much clearer understanding of MIDDLEGAME PLAY after studying this course. You will be able to apply this knowledge right away after you have finished studying this course.

By the end of this course, the gap in middlegame knowledge between you and your opponents will become so huge that it will be really difficult for them to compete with you.

This course includes:

3 hours on-demand video

Learn Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device

The courses can be accessed on ANY device (even non-Windows devices).

Video lessons, chess games, exercises, documents, all are there for you.

You can study RCA courses online or download them.


239 Lessons2h 57m

Video Lessons

1. The Single Most Important Middlegame Rule00:14:00
2. What will you do when you cannot attack?00:20:00
3. Evergreen Middlegame Strategy00:17:00
4. Doubled Pawns00:27:00
5. Isolated Pawns00:24:00
6. When and How to Move Your Pawns00:25:00
7. The Main Middlegame Plan Unknown to Amateur Players00:22:00
8. Majority Attack00:21:00
9. Practical Guide for Action00:07:00

Practical Part



11 Ratings

Reviews (11)

Practical. Also well done by giving tasks for each lesson.

Great content, very well explained, practical tips and strategies for common middle game situations.

"Eye opening and amazing!"

Very good


On some of the lessons the board looks a bit stretched and its not as visually appealing and some of the downloadable pgn's wouldn't work properly for me

Very thorough

Great course!

I would advise any lover of chess with this course,, it is very important for every player’s ambition to move forward, and anyone who wants to enjoy the chess in order to increase his enjoyment, Many thanks to our teacher GM Igor Smirnov….

You know all the middlegame principles but can’t seem to apply them in your tournament games? Check out Igor’s Winning the Middlegame, which breaks down the middlegame into two fundamental choices on each move. Of course nothing is quite that simple in chess, but if, like me, you tend to be terribly indecisive as to which middlegame features are important in any given position and which should be ignored, this course is invaluable!

In the past I had researched a lot of chess lessons that brought me to near 2000. Surprisingly, I fail to win a lot of winning games against weaker opponents and I must admit I was quite frustated in trying to find the cause until I had the tutorial from GM Igor Smirnov. It comes down to basic understanding. Now, I am in for any tutorial from RCA.

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