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A system is something more powerful and widely applicable than an opening.

This London System is a Dangerous, Yet Easy-to-Learn White Opening You Can Learn in a Couple Hours and Play for the Rest of Your Career!

Giants like Kramnik and Carlsen had adopted it to avoid the dangerous computer preparation of guys like Caruana and Nakamura!

Simply play 1.d4 and 2.Bf4 and then ―no matter what Black does― apply this strategic blueprint to enjoy a solid enough edge to handle any strength of your opponent.

Why Was This Course Created?

Who has not wanted to play in a professional manner without worrying about losing on the first stage?

It feels so good to play in your way without taking much care of what your rival is doing ―without being distracted with cheap traps or lines from your opponent!

That’s why the author of this course stopped studying openings some years ago.

Instead of continuing laboring over the latest lines, checking each one closely with his computer, he decided to use simple “piece path” systems to get amazing positions

Finally, he got what he wanted: Not worrying about his opponents responses anymore!

To know an opening is good… To learn a trap might be useful… But to master a system is so much better!

A system is something more powerful and widely applicable than an opening.

The London System is one of the most famous systems in chess!

Crush the King’s Indian!

Forget the boring idea of building a ‘space advantage’ on the queenside (while Black mates you!).

Instead, use the deadly opposite castling attack for easy wins!

Dominate the Dutch!

Tired of “boring” dutch players trying to lock the position up?

IM Ratkovic’s London Method exploits the one weakness in Black’s position that most miss… And this idea can give your opponent SERIOUS headaches as early as the 8th move!

Smash the Slav and Queen’s Gambit Setups!

With a simple (and deadly) attack!

First, place your pieces on the right squares. Then, thrust your pawn to e4. And, finally, blast open the kingside with h4-h5!

The entire plan is thoroughly explained.

Best content out there!

This course was created by one of our partners: The Chess World

We only choose what’s best for your improvement!

About the Author

IM Milovan Ratkovic

Milovan Ratkovic is a Serbian International Master and chess coach.

Some of his top students were able to reach 2300-2400 ELO. He specializes in searching for opening novelties for his students, building their opening repertoire and helping them in tournament preparation. One of his biggest achievements as a trainer is helping his younger brother to get 2456 ELO by strengthen his openings knowledge.

Having been Junior Champion of Serbia in 2012 and having played two times the Serbian National Championship, he has been very successful at many cadet championships and has won many blitz and rapid competitions.

He is an active tournament player and one of his near-future goals is to obtain the Grand Master title.

This course includes:

10.2 hours on-demand video

Learn Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device

The courses can be accessed on ANY device (even non-Windows devices).

Video lessons, chess games, exercises, documents, all are there for you.

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44 Lessons10h 11m

Video Lessons

Lesson 1 – Main Line, 5…e6 I00:22:00
Lesson 2 – Main Line, 5…e6 II00:27:00
Lesson 3 – Main Line, 5…e6 III00:25:00
Lesson 4 – Main Line, 5…e6 IV00:20:00
Lesson 5 – Main Line, 5…Bf5 I00:22:00
Lesson 6 – Main Line, 5…Bf5 II00:29:00
Lesson 7 – Main Line, 5…Bf5 III00:14:00
Lesson 8 – Main Line, 5…Qb6, g6 and cxd4 I00:29:00
Lesson 9 – Main Line, 5…Qb6, g6 and cxd4 II00:31:00
Lesson 10 – Against Dutch Defense I00:30:00
Lesson 11 – Against Dutch Defense II00:33:00
Lesson 12 – 1…Nf6 and 2…c5 I00:33:00
Lesson 13 – 1…Nf6 and 2…c5 II00:41:00
Lesson 14 – 1…Nf6 and 2…c5 III00:18:00
Lesson 15 – Against King’s Indian Defense I00:33:00
Lesson 16 – Against King’s Indian Defense II00:26:00
Lesson 17 – Against King’s Indian Defense III00:28:00
Lesson 18 – Against Queen’s Indian Defense I00:29:00
Lesson 19 – Against Queen’s Indian Defense II00:15:00
Lesson 20 – 2…Bf5 or 2…Bg4 I00:24:00
Lesson 21 – 2…Bf5 or 2…Bg4 II00:27:00
Lesson 22 – Other Lines – 2…Nh500:21:00
Lesson 23 – Other Lines – 4…Qe7 or 4…Ne700:22:00
Lesson 24 – Other Lines – 1…Nf6 and 2…b500:12:00

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After playing the London for a year this course was a welkom deepening of my knowledge of the London with the calm voice of IM Milovan for a pleasing learning experience.

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