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Do you want to know how Grandmasters think during a game of chess?

Every chess player wants to improve himself and make progress, however, one of the biggest problems is to understand how to do it.

The usual ways of training give very slow progress and even sometimes these are completely ineffective. Did your RESULTS become better after reading a chess book? The usual (and very sad) answer is “No”.

Finding a GOOD chess coach is also a huge problem. How many chess teachers do you know who can say: “I know exactly how to get progress in chess and I can guarantee it to you.”? The most popular answer is “ZERO”. “Pointless knowledge”, which doesn’t give you any concrete results, is the biggest problem for all the chess players!

During my chess career as a player and as a coach, I have thought about an effective way of learning all the time. That’s why I decided to develop the chess course “The Grandmaster’s Secrets”.

Do you want to know the secrets of the professional players’ success?

With pride I can say that this course will give you only the concrete skills (no more pointless knowledge!).

I have created my special SYSTEM of chess education, based on the psychological principles of effective learning and extensive chess practice.

The course contains not only my experience, but also experiences from a lot of my friends: Grandmasters, trainers and other chess players, who helped me perfect the course! Many thanks to you guys! Now the course contains a lot of recommendations, which were taken only from SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE.

The effectiveness of my teaching system was proven by my own practice and the results of a lot of my pupils.


The time of boring books goes by… Time is money… Having spent a little money now, you will start to get prizes much faster!

What will you get from the chess course “The Grandmaster’s Secrets”?

☑ The correct thinking method which will allow you to find the best moves in any position.

☑ A concrete guide on what and how exactly you should study to become a strong player.

☑ You will know how to use all the knowledge which you already have to finally get concrete results.

☑ An account of experiences and practical recommendations from a lot of successful players (Grandmasters).

☑ How to prepare for tournaments, how to prepare for the game and so on…

☑ You will know how to learn chess effectively.

☑ You will stop making blunders.

☑ You will be able to calculate variations quickly and precisely.

☑ You will know how to create an opening repertoire properly.

☑ You will save years of effort and get fast progress.

☑ You will fully understand the psychological factors necessary for success in chess.

☑ You will avoid the typical mistakes in chess development, which nearly all chess players make.

☑ You will get a great advantage over your opponents.

☑ You will know many Grandmasters’ secrets.

☑ And many other things…

Do you want to get the concrete guide on what and how exactly you should train to become a grandmaster?

All chess players learn chess, but some players play much better than others. What does this mean?

It means that many players learning is ineffective. In this course, I will show you the SECRETS of the Grandmaster’s training.

This course includes:

1.7 hour on-demand video

Learn Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device

The courses can be accessed on ANY device (even non-Windows devices).

Video lessons, chess games, exercises, documents, all are there for you.

You can study RCA courses online or download them.


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It's nice with over 100 instructive exercises. The videos teach you how exactly a grandmaster does things. If you absorb the information, improvement is guaranteed!

This is how a course should be. Only just started it but it is clearly superior to the other 2 courses I've gone through from RCA. I guess 3rd time lucky. It also comes with an ebook that covers this course.

This course has forever changed how I approach a game of chess. From strategy and planning to calculation and endgame focus, my games have truly improved significantly!

I was hesitant about spending $57 on this course, (I had never bought anything from RCA before) but I am so glad I did!
After just watching the first lesson, I was beating players (who just the day before) were beating me! I highly recommend the Grandmasters Secrets!


The best of the best!

Very good




“Igor Smirnov’s chess course: “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” offers a crystal clear approach to self-improvement on a practical level.
He explains, in easy to understand language, the necessary way of thinking that one must use throughout the Opening, Middlegame, and Endgame to achieve high level results. Igor also explains many typical mistakes that beginners make when trying to study by themselves without a trainer.
I highly recommend this course to anyone above 1200 ELO and truly believe that it can take you to the FM level and beyond.”

I’ve downloaded many of your courses, and I particularly loved the GM’s Secrets videos most . Thanks for helping me in improving my chess

GM Igor, I have learned lot in your course the grand masters’s secrets. I think this course should be the foundation of general knowledge or the right way of thinking or approach to chess. In this course I have learned how to handle opening’s stage of the game, calculate, evaluate the positions properly and to avoid blunders. Thus, I have now a high confidence to play chess properly and even to play against higher rated chess masters in our chess club during open chess tournaments!

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