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Do you want to win chess games before they even begin?

Opening preparation will considerably increase your chances of success.

Every chess player wants to improve himself and make progress, however, one of the biggest problems is to understand how to do it.

Opening preparation in modern chess

In modern chess, computers have made opening preparation a very powerful and even decisive factor. Strong players spend most of their training time on opening analysis. There are serious reasons for doing that.

Every chess player can recollect a situation like this:

Your opponent makes a pretty strong move, which is a novelty for you, in the opening. You start feeling nervous and thinking for a long time about a good answer…
In the same time, your opponent is calm and confident. Of course he has already analyzed your possible answers and knows all of them in advance. It makes your problems even more difficult to overcome.

Similar situations to this bring very annoying losses :(. You understand that have lost not because your opponent was stronger, but simply because of your bad opening preparation.

How to study openings?

Certainly, an opening preparation cannot guarantee a win. And I do not recommend you become obsessed with trying to study all the openings. I am absolutely sure that your general understanding of a chess game is a much more important factor. However, an opening preparation will considerably increases your chances of success.

There is a huge quantity of different opening materials: opening books, DVDs, video lessons, encyclopedias, etc. Unfortunately, they don’t help to IMPROVE YOUR RESULTS really. Why? Let’s clarify what these materials are.

What are the usual opening materials

By my own experience (I have studied a lot of different materials), I can conclude that there are 2 main categories of opening materials:

  • A collection of a large quantity of opening variations without normal text commentaries.
    Different opening encyclopedias, informants, etc. are included in this category. The main purpose of such materials is to CONFUSE a chess player and create a chaos in his head. By the way, I am not joking really.
  • The lectures (books, articles) of a strong (or not so strong) chess players.
    In these lectures the author usually tells the well-known variations of the given opening with SUPERFICIAL comments. Such lectures can be used for preliminary acquaintance with an opening. But it is only the beginning. It is obviously not enough for serious study.

Sometimes it is possible to find a good book about a concrete opening. It could be useful stuff, but even such books have 2 serious shortcomings:

  • They contain only the well-known variations and games. Nobody wants to share their own analysis, novelties and so on.
  • They contain a lot of unnecessary information. It makes it hard to use it PRACTICALLY.

Let’s say such book contains 100 pages. Your opening repertoire contains 30 opening (15 for White + 15 for Black). Thus you have to study, remember and use 3000 pages of opening variations! 1 life time could be too short for that. That’s why it is hard to use such opening materials for a pre-game preparation.

That’s why I’ve created this special course “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory”!

This course will allow you to study a really POWERFUL opening repertoire in a convenient and effective way!

The practical part of this course was designed not only for studying, but also specially for your pre-game preparation (during the tournaments). It will make your pre-games preparation quick and extremely powerful.

This course includes:

1.7 hour on-demand video

Learn Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device

The courses can be accessed on ANY device (even non-Windows devices).

Video lessons, chess games, exercises, documents, all are there for you.

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616 Lessons1h 40m

Video Lesson

1. Forget about the Openings!13:15
2. How to Choose the Openings?17:41
3. The Practical Description of all the Openings22:48
4. How to Learn the Openings Effectively?32:36
5. Your Powerful Opening Repertoire12:47

Instructions for the Openings

(Black) Benko Gambit | Benko

(Black) Benko Gambit | 1.d4-Nf6 2.c4-c5 3.Nf3

(Black) Scandinavian Defense

(Black) Sicilian Defense Kan 5.Bd3+R

(Black) Sicilian Defense Kan 5.Nc3

(Black) Sicilian Defense Alapin Exchange

(Black) Sicilian Defense Alapin Closed

(Black) Sicilian Defense Closed Sicilian

(Black) Sicilian Defense Grand Prix Attack

(Black) Sicilian Defense Morra Gambit

(Black) King’s Indian Attack

(Black) 1.d4-Nf6 2.R 2.Nc3

(Black) 1.d4-Nf6 2.R Trompovsky Attack

(White) 1.e4-e5 Spanish Opening

(White) 1.e4-e5 Petrov’s Defense

(White) 1.e4-e5 Philidor’s Defense

(White) Sicilian Defense Najdorf 6.Bg5

(White) Sicilian Defense Najdorf 6.Rg1

(White) Sicilian Defense Rauzer

(White) Sicilian Defense Scheveningen (Keres attack)

(White) Sicilian Defense Dragon 6.Bg5

(White) Sicilian Defense Dragon 6.Be2

(White) Sicilian Defense Qb6

(White) Sicilian Defense Kan Main line

(White) Sicilian Defense Kan Taimanov Nc6

(White) Sicilian Defense Kan Bc5

(White) Sicilian Defense Sveshnikov Bxb5 attack

(White) Sicilian Defense Sveshnikov prevention a4

(White) Sicilian Defense Sveshnikov c4

(White) Sicilian Defense Accelerated Dragon

(White) French Defense

(White) Caro-Kann Defense

(White) Scandinavian Defense

(White) Pirc Defense

(White) Alekhine’s Defense


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Reviews (11)

I've come across a lot of courses mentioning building your opening repertoire, finally a course to show you how to do so using Databases. Finally I can get to work with ChessBase 17.

Very useful, to the point and with practical examples to start building an opening repertoire right from the star. Recommended!

I found this course and the subsequent Part II, as well as the bonus course, very useful. I came away with an excellent understanding of opening principles. I gave it only 3 stars because the “practical part” which goes into different openings is text files which are very difficult to follow. I tried a few and decided to move on. For someone willing to spend the time to figure them out, I’m sure they contain a lot of valuable information.

Really excellent recommendations on which openings to begin with and how to learn them, both black and white


The videos section of the course was effective to get me to understand the opening repertoire that both is one of the best and fits my style. The practical part was a bit confusing cause I had some technical issues opening the files for the theory of the openings and other stuff. It usually pops out as a of notations for the line and it doesn't feel engaging to learn the theory. Other than that, it's a good course.

Repeated much of the 1st free course.

I like simple rules for improving my chess opening

“Igor is basically providing the “fish” and the “how to fish”!
What I also appreciate about the course is the honesty and the effort Igor has put in revealing his ideas and points of view.”

I like the most the psychological and universal method of teaching! Very impressive work and well done to all of your team! Godspeed.

I boosted my rating from 1000 to 1567 within a year with 3 of the courses

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