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While studying the opening courses, “The GM’s Openings Laboratory” and “The GM’s Openings Laboratory – 2”, students sent me their questions.

Therefore, I’ve prepared a detailed answer to every query.

In reply to questions about general opening rules, I’ve recorded a couple of video lessons (with additional rules and explanations).
As for specific opening questions, I’ve added more *.pgn files (chess databases) with specific lines, analyses, instructive games, etc.
All these materials were united and integrated into the Bonus Pack.

What will you get from the chess course?

-You will get answers to most of your opening questions.
-It will help you to digest FULLY the opening rules and principles presented in the courses “The GMs Openings Laboratory” – 1 and 2.
-Consequently, it will help you get the MOST practical benefit from these courses.
-You will extend your opening repertoire with some additional variations. Hence you’ll be a more universal player and it’ll be harder for your opponents to prepare against you.

What are the requirements?

-The Bonus Pack is designed to strengthen your opening preparation acquired from the course “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory – 2”.
-Please do NOT purchase the Bonus Pack if you have not studied the main course yet. If this applies to you, you should learn the main course first.

Course Curriculum

Video lesson
Bonus-1 00:24:00
Bonus-2 00:20:00
Bonus-3 00:18:00
Bonus-4 00:20:00
Practical part
Benko Gambit, 4.a4 variation 00:00:00
Bird’s Opening 00:00:00
Grand Prix Attack 00:00:00
King’s Indian Attack 00:00:00
Nimzo Defense, 4.Qc2-Nc6 00:00:00
Sicilian Defense, Dragon Variation, b5 Gambit 00:00:00
Sicilian Defense, Dragon Variation, Delayed Castling 00:00:00
Slav Defense, g3 Variation 00:00:00
2.d4-c5 00:00:00
Alekhine’s Defense 00:00:00
Dutch Defense 00:00:00
Kings Indian Defense (Bf4) 00:00:00
Old Benoni Defense 00:00:00
Sicilian, Anti-Najdorf Variation 00:00:00
Sicilian, Nimzo-Rubinstein variation 00:00:00

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