What Will I Learn?

 Combined Experience of Former USSR chess Schools.

 Psychological knowledge about human brain functioning (and effective learning)

 20 Special training tasks and 200 commented games and puzzles.

 My own playing and teaching experience.

 The practical part will help you to turn your knowledge into practice.

 Detailed instructions to train yourself properly and to achieve an optimal outcome from the program.

Why Do Some Players Play BETTER than Others?

Really, why? A lot of people play and study chess. However, only 1-3% of players have really good achievements (titles, prizes…). What is different about this successful minority from the rest?

It is NOT a matter of talent. I have observed thousands of different players, and I can state it with confidence. Yes, you need to have chess talent for the highest chess achievements (over 2600-2700 rating). However, anyone can become a titled player and get 200-300 rating points.

It depends on your TRAINING.

At the same time, I know a lot of players who study chess 8 hours a day (more than many GMs) but don’t have any real progress. Thus, the major factor here is not how much you train, but HOW you train.

Here we come to one of my favorite topics – an effective training.

Lack of Chess School.

Education in chess goes on in a most haphazard fashion. – E.Lasker

There is no system of education in chess. There was a system in former USSR (and it gave great results), but that has long passed.

Chess players study chess randomly. Nobody has a training program. Nobody really knows what and how to study. Most chess teachers are just a bit more experienced players. They also do NOT know what you really need and how to help you.

A chess player (or a chess teacher) is a job; and the same applies to all other professions, it requires a special system of preparation. For some strange reason many chess players don’t understand this. They think that it is enough to buy some chess books, to read them, to have some practice, and “voila” – you are a strong chess player.

What if doctors (let’s say surgeons) start using the same method of learning? Luckily, they don’t do it. Otherwise, they would sometimes cut off something by mistake.

What is the Solution?

In order to progress in chess, you need to not just train, but to train the RIGHT things. You need to have a training program (training plan), which will give you a comprehensive system of chess knowledge. You need to acquire the necessary skills at the right time.

Also you need to use EFFECTIVE training methods, which REALLY give you improvement.

It is my intention to help you with for this purpose; I have developed a special course Self-taught Grandmaster”.

If you want to progress in chess, BUT you:

  • Live in a small city
  • Don’t have a chess coach
  • Don’t have a lot of time for training
  • Don’t have an opportunity to play in strong tournaments regularly
  • Want to get MORE benefit out of your training

Then my course is exactly for you!

What is the point of “Self-taught Grandmaster”? I have combined the successful experience of:

  • Former USSR chess Schools
  • My own playing and teaching experience
  • Psychological knowledge about human brain functioning (and effective learning)
  • Thousands of my pupils.

Now you can get the most effective training methods, which have proved its high efficiency.


GM Igor Smirnov

Igor Smirnov is a chess Grandmaster, coach, and holder of a Master’s degree in psychology. He’s the founder of the “Remote Chess Academy” company that has helped thousands of students worldwide to improve their results. GM Smirnov has developed lots of chess video lessons, articles, webinars and training courses.

Course Curriculum

Video Lesson
1. How to Use Your Brain Effectively 00:14:00
2. The Best Training Techniques 00:21:00
3. Get the Best out of Books, Games, Computer and other Training Tools Part – 1 00:20:00
4. Get the Best out of Books, Games, Computer and other Training Tools Part – 2 00:25:00
5. Your Training Program 00:19:00
6. Chess School 00:19:00
7. High School 00:14:00
8. Breakthrough! 00:10:00
Practical Part
Practical Part Instructions and Download 00:00:00
Task 00:00:00
Task 1 00:00:00
Task 2 part1 00:00:00
Task 2 part2 00:00:00
Task 2 part2 answer 00:00:00
Task 3 00:00:00
Task 4 00:00:00
Task 4 answer 00:00:00
Task 5 00:00:00
Task 6 part 1 00:00:00
Task 6 part 1 answer 00:00:00
Task 6 part 2 00:00:00
Task 6 part 2 answer 00:00:00
Task 7 00:00:00
Task 8 00:00:00
Task 8 answer 00:00:00
Task 9 00:00:00
Task 10 00:00:00
Task 10 answer 00:00:00
Task 11 00:00:00
Task 12 00:00:00
Task 13 00:00:00
Task 14 00:00:00
Task 15 00:00:00
Task 16 part 1 00:00:00
Task 16 part 1 answer 00:00:00
Task 16 part 2 00:00:00
Task 17 00:00:00

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