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“Your guide to think and find the best moves during a game”

There are a lot of rules in chess. You probably know a lot about them. You can find them in any chess book, DVD, videos or many other sources.

However, when it comes to a real game, how do you find the right move in a short period of time? In a real game, you need to play a move every few minutes, or if it is a blitz game, you only have a few seconds. Obviously, you cannot calculate various variations, recollect all chess rules you know, think about them, and then compare and decide what the best option is.

That’s why, in a real game, the knowledge you have may confuse you and not help you. That’s the problem all chess players face. After completing this course, you will get a clear algorithm on how exactly to play a real game, so that you can find the right move and do so continually throughout a game, getting good, stable results.

And the solution is, you need to have a well-developed system of thinking. It should be UNIVERSAL and help you detect the best move in any kind of position.

This course includes:

1.5 hour on-demand video

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70 Lessons1h 31m

Video Lessons

1. Why is a Thinking System Important?00:07:00
2. Choose the Best Candidate Moves00:14:00
3. Recognize the Chess Ideas Fast00:25:00
4. Force Your Opponent’s Replies00:24:00
5. Learn the Connection Between Pawn Structure and Pieces00:14:00
6. Conclusions00:07:00

Practical Part


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Yes, this is very logical and sound. However in my games some shit always happens and things get out of control. So this is good material but still don't solve my problems.

Great ideas to streamline your decision process!

Bad quality but good info

I've recognized, in life as well as chess, how important it is to think correctly in an objective, analytical manner. Thank you for the framework to do this OTB.

I took this as my first course when it should have been later. I will return to it after doing the lessons in a better sequence as suggested - The Secrets of Strong Players, 7 Keys to Victory, Winning the Middle Game, Grandmaster's Positional Thinking, and Grandmaster's Secrets. Then My Thinking System.

I liked this course a lot because it gives very concrete advice what to do in a chess game. It is a great addition to other courses such as grandmasters positional understanding.

This course really helped my opening and middlegame decision making. It's short, sweet, and very instructive.


Enjoyable and instructive.

Great lesson, great teaching, great learning! I am excited to further my training and start utilizing my new skills, thank you again GM Igor!

I liked the instructional materials. The practical was confusing and did not seem to relate.

Excellent content. Insightful!

It reminded me to get back to the fundamentals of developing pieces!

The course didn't really help me at all

Great introduction to the wonderful world of chess!

The course teaches a very good system to learn how to develop your pieces in the beginning and an anti-blunder technique. It is like a mini course or an intro one for the more comprehensive ones.


Very simple presentation and comprehensive analysis of the practical exercises at the end.

so far, so good

I think this is important information that is not otherwise widely available

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