Why this course was created?

“Mikhail Tal’s magic revealed” is an essential course for all player levels. It will help you to understand the secrets behind Tal’s style. After the study of this course you will be able to copy some of his winning techniques into your games, so you can play like a strong player!


Learn the art of Attack from Mikhail Tal:

The only way to win a game of chess is to attack. And if you want to learn from the best, then definitely you need to master the art of attack using the games of Mikhail Tal, who was the 8th World Chess Champion and the greatest attacking player of all times.


What will you learn from this course?

In this course, you will not only learn exactly how you can follow the same techniques to develop crushing attacks in your own games, but also you’ll be able to enjoy the spectacular style of Tal’s games.

Unlike modern professionals who are very cautious and, often times, end their games in a draw, Mikhail Tal never hesitated to complicate the position, take on the challenge, play risky moves and make it as spectacular as you can only hope for.

Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:03:00
GM Smirnov Lessons
Lesson 1-The Attacker’s Mindset 00:17:15
Lesson 2-Three Steps to Victory 00:07:15
Lesson 3-The Secrets of Tals Magic 00:16:00
Mikhail Tal Magic
Lesson-1 00:10:00
Lesson-2 00:15:00
Lesson-3 00:18:18
Lesson-4 00:23:00
Lesson-5 00:02:18
Lesson-6 00:03:18
Lesson-7 00:04:00
Lesson-8 00:11:00
Lesson-9 00:12:00
Lesson-10 00:26:30
Lesson-11 00:21:15
Outro 00:30:00
Practical Part Instructions and Download 00:00:00
Download Materials 00:00:00
Task-1 00:05:24
Answers-1 00:16:23
Task-2 00:02:00
Answers-2 00:06:00
Task-3 00:02:15
Answers-3 00:09:00
Task-4 00:02:00
Answers-4 00:13:00
Task-5 00:03:15
Answers-5 00:11:00
Task-6 00:02:00
Answers-6 00:10:00
Task-7 00:01:18
Answers-7 00:11:15
Task-8 00:01:15
Answers-8 00:07:15
Task-9 00:01:15
Answers-9 00:06:15

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