Kasparov is one of the best players in the world who ever lived, or probably the best. He dominated in chess for many years, as world chess champion and in the top tournaments.

Of course he is a great talent but on this course we tried to analyze his middlegame techniques and explain with simple words to ambitious students, so anyone can copy them and improve his game.

More specifically you’ll learn how to fight for the initiative, what the exchange sacrifice is and when to make it, how to sacrifice your pawns successfully and many more.

“This course is not about Garry Kasparov’s life but about the successful techniques and ideas that he used in his games to win”


Asaf givon is an International Grandmaster has played for the Kfar Saba team in the first Israeli chess leage.
He got his IM title at 2013, and he currently has 2 GM norms. He started teaching chess since he was 16.

Course Curriculum

Video Lesson
1. Who is Garry Kasparov? 00:27:00
2. Endless Fight for the Initiative 00:20:00
3. Exchange Sacrifice 00:22:00
4. Studying Previous Champion’s Games 00:25:00
5. Universal Approach for Chess: Prophylaxis and Restriction 00:20:00
6. Pawn Sacrifice 00:18:00
7. Pawn Sacrifice – Part 2 00:17:00
8. Know Your Style and Be True to It/Adjust to It 00:18:00
9. Active Defense and Counterplay 00:22:00
10. Conclusions 00:07:00
Practical Part
Practical Part Instructions and Download 00:00:00
Task 00:00:00
Lessons PNGs 00:00:00
Task 1: 00:00:00
Task 1 Answer: 00:00:00
Task 2: 00:00:00
Task 2 Answer: 00:00:00
Task 3: 00:00:00
Task 3 Answer: 00:00:00
Task 4: 00:00:00
Task 4 Answer: 00:00:00
Task 5: 00:00:00
Task 5 Answer: 00:00:00
Task 6: 00:00:00
Task 6 Answer: 00:00:00
Task 7: 00:00:00
Task 7 Answer: 00:00:00

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