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What determines your WIN/LOSS in a chess game? Whether or not you win or lose is determined by your opening preparation, your middlegame skills, and your endgame technique.

At the same time, the opening phase is MORE important because if you don’t play it well, you will lose sooner than you can demonstrate your middlegame/endgame skills.

How do you play an opening successfully?

1) You need to choose the right opening variations (your opening repertoire), and learn the NECESSARY lines within them.

2) You need to know the general rules/principles of opening play, and how you can find correct moves in unknown opening positions.

Regarding the 1st item – opening variations – there are a lot of existing chess books/DVDs about virtually any opening that you can think of. Some of these tutorials are even pretty good. However, there are still some problems here:

  • Studying various opening variations takes a lot of your time.
  • As we’ve already discussed, you can’t learn everything anyway.
  • Your opponents have access to the same tutorials that you have.
  • There are opening tutorials about all possible opening variations, and you don’t know what will work best for YOU.

As for the 2nd item – the general rules/principles of an opening play – this topic is almost completely missing!

By studying the course “How to play chess with black pieces” you’ll acquire a solid weapon against 1.d4 move. You’ll learn everything that you need in 1 neat course. The opening variations are analyzed deeply yet they are easy to digest. Finally, the detailed explanations will help you understand the opening moves and remember them flawlessly.

The course contains 6 main sections – each one is dedicated to one of the main lines of the Nimzo-Indian Defense. Firstly, you’ll learn a video lesson that will guide you through the main plans, ideas and variations of a particular line. Next, you’ll find extensive analysis of the lines in the practical part.


GM Levan Aroshidze

GM from Georgia. Currently living in Spain. FIDE elo 2565. Winner of many international opens and experienced coach for all levels.

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction 00:00:28
2. Basics of Nimzo-Indian and 4.e3 variation 00:12:00
3. Downloadable Materials 00:00:00
4. Introduction 00:00:31
5. 4.a3 variation 00:10:00
6. Downloadable Materials 00:00:00
7. Introduction 00:00:36
8. 4. Bg5 variation 00:04:00
9. Downloadable Materials 00:00:00
10. Introduction 00:00:32
11. 4. Qc2 variation 00:00:08
12. Downloadable Materials 00:00:00
13. Introduction 00:00:37
14. 4. g3 variation 00:10:00
15. Downloadable Materials 00:00:00
16. Introduction 00:00:44
17. 4. f3 variation 00:14:00
18. Downloadable Materials 00:00:00

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