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This package comprises all the best chess lectures taught by Grand Master Igor Smirnov. These are 8 of the best webinars and seminars about the most interesting chess topics. Aside from learning the main topics, you will learn from the most common questions answered to the students.


Press Your Opponents like Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen, the undisputed World Chess Champion and #1 in chess, has a very special style of play. Without looking for advantages in the opening, like most players pretend, he beats everyone seemingly easily… From even positions, he always manages to squeeze wins.

Carlsen’s style is a different way of THINKING, and you can learn it to play your own games with a new approach and get new better results.

How to Win a Won Game

In every chess game, you try hard to get advantages. With any kind of advantage you get, you will be closer to win the game.

However, to convert the advantage in a win is not easy… Your desperate opponent will put resistance ―while more close to lose, more dangerous he/she will become―. You need to learn how to overcome those complications and ultimately SCORE to your favor.

Play like Nakamura

Hikaru Nakamura is a renowned elite chess player, who (on the board) is a real troublemaker! GM Smirnov dissects Naka’s style to find what makes him play brilliant chess games.

The idea is that you can learn this style to use it in your own games and convert yourself in a very TOUGH chess player.

The Art of the Endgame

By analyzing students games, GM Igor Smirnov shows you how you should play on the endgame stage.

By understanding what he does in those REAL games, you can acquire new skills. By learning his teachings, definitely, you will learn how to play for a win in endgames.

The Art of Defense in Chess

Modern chess is very aggressive! You need to learn how to attack, but also how to simultaneously defend. Otherwise, you will face serious problems and you will suffer annoying loses constantly.

Perfecting your defense skills will give you not only the ability to save lost games, but also UNIQUE opportunities to win them.

Bogo-Indian Defense

The Bogo-Indian is a SOLID and positionally sound opening. It can be used both against weaker opponents (whose positional understanding is lacking) and against strong rivals (because it gives you a very solid position).

Learn how to use four different variations of the Bogo-Indian Defense effectively in your games.

Your Top Chess Questions, Answered

This course contains detailed answers to the questions posed by RCA students. Apart from answering questions, GM Igor Smirnov explains how you can implement KEY IDEAS in your games, with hand-picked examples from top games. He also explains how he faced certain situations when he was at the beginner stage.

Some of the key points you will learn are: How to get maximum benefit when training with a computer, what is the universal approach and how to utilize it in your game, opening skill development process, the very powerful technique to train your attacking and anti-blunder skills, how to progress in chess when you are an adult, how to open the opponent’s position, psychological barriers in chess and how to overcome them.

Think, Plan and Win

Imagine you have come to a shop to purchase a mobile phone. The shopkeeper gives you a phone with 10 books on how it works and how to use it.

The same process is followed in chess learning. There’s a huge difference between KNOWLEDGE and SKILL. For example, you can read thousands of books about martial arts, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll become a great fighter. Apart from information, you need to train and acquire necessary practical skills. This is true just as much for chess.

That is why, in these seminars, GM Smirnov provides you with a very small user’s manual that has several items you can follow, one by one, to understand chess clearly.

This course includes:


Learn Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device

The courses can be accessed on ANY device (even non-Windows devices).

Video lessons, chess games, exercises, documents, all are there for you.

You can study RCA courses online or download them.


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I like Smirnov GM style, his analyses are quite deep and entertaining at the same time

The explanations of GM Igor Smirnov are extremely clear and instructive

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