One of the biggest problems many chess players face is that they often fail to realize the transition that occurs between the opening and middlegame stage and end up playing ‘automatic’ moves during this stage.

As a result, they get punished for their moves without real purpose.

This course will guide you to achieve a smooth transition from the opening stage to the middlegame stage.

The course is suitable for intermediate level players, but it will be helpful for advanced level players, too. Even if your ELO is 2000+, this course will help you improve your skills.

The task in the opening stage is simple – to develop the pieces. However, things get more complicated when the middlegame stage arrives. You could get confused; you wouldn’t know how to make a plan, or what the right piece to exchange, and so on.

International Master Asaf Givon will explain to you a lot of key ideas which you can put into practice immediately.


How to play like a chess PRO


IM Asaf givon


IM Asaf Givon

Asaf givon is an International Master who has played for the Kfar Saba team in the first Israeli chess league.

He got his IM title at 2013, and he currently have 2 norms. He started teaching chess since he was 16.

Course Curriculum

Video Lessons
1. Exploiting weakness 00:22:00
2. Exchange pieces 00:19:00
3. Find a plan 00:22:00
4. Create weaknesses 00:23:00
5. Punish opening mistakes 00:25:00
6. Exchange sacrifices 00:23:00
Practical Part
Practical Part Instructions and Download 00:00:00
Task 00:00:00
Bonus - How to play like a chess PRO
Time versus material 00:17:00
Open file 00:14:00
Pawn weaknesses 00:13:00
Practical Part 00:00:00

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    That was an excellent and instructive chess lesson! Thank you very much


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