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This is a highly flexible system with almost ZERO theory that allows you to easily learn the PLANS of elite GMs to gain an easy advantage!

Learn a solid system WITHOUT having to memorize long lines but based on general understanding that generally offers:
* A safer king, protected by the fianchettoed bishop on g2
* Attacking opportunities, with the dark-squared bishop on the a1-h8 diagonal

This course teaches you a system for White, where you simply fianchetto both bishops, and then follow the blueprints of guys like Vlad Kramnik to crush your opponents without having to learn a single complicated theoretical line!

Why Was This Course Created?

There was a time in Vladimir Kramnik’s career when he abandoned all of his main openings preparation, and still managed to crush well-prepared calculating machines like Fabiano Caruana…

He discovered that if you sidestep trendy book moves and force your now confused opponents into structures only you have mastered, this guarantees an unfair opening advantage anyway!

So “Big Vlad” adopted a shortcut system for White that’s flexible, sidesteps preparation, and provides attacking chances against any response. Aronian and Gelfand soon followed his lead.

The highly flexible “double fianchetto system” has almost ZERO theory and allows you to easily learn the PLANS of elite GMs to gain an easy advantage!

10 Extra Training Videos

Additionally to the 19 theoretical lessons, this course includes extra videos which test you in 10 training tasks!


To know an opening is good… To learn a trap might be useful… But to master a system is so much better!

A system is something more powerful and widely applicable than an opening.

The Double Fianchetto System is a highly flexible system with almost ZERO theory that allows you to easily learn the PLANS of elite GMs to gain an easy advantage!


Kramnik’s Kingside Attack Blueprint

You’ll learn how beginning with 18.g4! Kramnik turned a kingside pawn storm into a devastating attack without any risk whatsoever!

How Aronian’s Double Fianchetto Method Stopped MVL COLD!

Discover the plan the Armenian maestro used to dominate the opening, win an exchange in just a few moves, then convert the advantage like a champion!

How to Beat Carlsen with the Double Fianchetto!

At a point when Magnus looked unstoppable, a much lower-rated GM used our opening and easily gained an advantage before saccing his queen and upsetting the world champion. His entire strategy is explained in perfect detail in the course!



Learn a solid system without having to memorize long lines…
Get a safe position with the light-squared bishop and attacking opportunities with the dark-squared one ―both fianchettoed bishops rule on the long diagonals!


The Best Content out There!

This course was created by one of our partners: The Chess World

We only choose what’s best for your improvement!

About the Author

GM Sipke Ernst

Sipke Ernst is an International Grandmaster and a professional chess coach.

As an active player, he is known for his creative attacking style! Sporting a 2606 peak ELO FIDE, he has been the winner of many strong international events around the globe! He was a member of the Dutch team that played in the 2002 Chess Olympiad and in the 2009 European Championship.

GM Ernst is an experienced chess coach too. His students come from countries such as India, South-Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, The United States, Canada, Sweden, and England. But all of them have one thing in common: they badly want to improve their chess!

He has a wide range of teaching methods, advertising an analytical and effective approach with clear goals in mind. Digging into opening repertoire, analyzing games, solving tactics and endgame puzzles, playing out typical positions over the board, he searches for weaknesses in students play and they make together a master plan to improve.

This course includes:

8.9 hours on-demand video

Learn Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device

The courses can be accessed on ANY device (even non-Windows devices).

Video lessons, chess games, exercises, documents, all are there for you.

You can study RCA courses online or download them.


30 Lessons8h 51m

Video Lessons

Lesson 1 – Richard Reti: a Pioneer!00:19:00
Lesson 2 – The Double Fianchetto System Comes Into the Very Elite Chess00:41:00
Lesson 3 – With Hanging Pawns00:30:00
Lesson 4 – Queen’s Gambit Structures00:20:00
Lesson 5 – What Black Can Try to Do to Fight This System00:34:00
Lesson 6 – Attacking on the Kingside00:12:00
Lesson 7 – Against the Benoni00:31:00
Lesson 8 – Against the Tarrasch Defense of the Queen’s Gambit00:30:00
Lesson 9 – Against the Slav with …dxc400:25:00
Lesson 10 – Against the Slav without …dxc400:24:00
Lesson 11 – Slav Setups00:29:00
Lesson 12 – Against the Hedgehog (I)00:31:00
Lesson 13 – Against the Hedgehog (II)00:31:00
Lesson 14 – Against the Hedgehog (III)00:28:00
Lesson 15 – Against the Hedgehog (IV): The Minor Pieces Abandon the Board00:22:00
Lesson 16 – The Botvinnik System on the English Opening00:25:00
Lesson 17 – Against the King’s Indian (I)00:27:00
Lesson 18 – Against the King’s Indian (II)00:18:00
Lesson 19 – Against the Dutch Defense00:31:00

Extra Training Lessons


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